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Electric VOLCANO


Dimensions H 56 cm, W 90 cm, D 15 cm
Weight 20 Kg
Materials Steel, glass (Security)
Assembly Assembled in only 10 minutes
Delivery time 2 weeks
Delivery cost 19.50 €

Price inc.
445.00 €


Electric fireplace VOLCANO

This model simulates the flame thanks to a set of integrated lights and rotating mirrors. The fire effect is very realistic. The system is linked to an electric radiator which has two positions to choose: 1,000 watts or 2,000 watts.

Leds with changing colours: red, green, blue, yellow.

- Power: 1,000 W or 2,000 W thermostat, protection against overheating.
- Adjustable "decorative flame"
- Remote control for adjustment at a distance.
- Modern design frontal glass (safety glass)
- It is fixed to the wall by using the supports prepared for that purpose.
- Treated steel and glass
- 220V feeder cable

Certification: CE


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