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Burner FEUER 120 cm Border


Ref CG-BRU-120
Dimensions H 9 cm, W 120 cm, D 20 cm
Weight 18 Kg
Materials stainless steel (4 mm thick)
Assembly no assembly required
Delivery time 1 week
Delivery cost 15.00 €


Burner FEUER 120 cm with border - for home fireplace
Operates with bioethanol - For use within an indoor or outdoor fireplace - Adjustable flame

No leads required, smokeless, odourless, only water steam and carbonic gas (the equivalent of 3 candles).

Heating Capacity: 4,000 watts, the equivalent output of an electric heater (can heat a room from 32 to 40 m2).

Tank capacity: 6 litres. Duration: about 6 hours.

Consumption: 0.9 litre of bioethanol per hour.

Outside surface temperatures: Top 130 degrees C, Sides 80 to 100 degrees C.

Burner trapdoor used to adjust flame height and strength.

The delivery of this article also includes a joystick to close the door burner.



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