Bio-fireplace QUADRO Inox

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Bio-fireplace QUADRO Inox


Dimensions H 55 cm, W 55 cm, D 13,5 cm
Weight 12 Kg
Materials stainless steel
Assembly 10 minute assembly
Delivery time 1 week
Delivery cost 14.50 €


Bio-fire QUADRO stainless steel
It operates with bioethanol – burner with adjustable slot

No leads required, odourless, smokeless
, only water steam and carbon dioxide emissions (the equivalent of 3 candles). Heating capacity: 2200 watts, the equivalent of 2 electric radiators (can heat a room from 20 to 25 m2).

To be installed in a well-ventilated room (lounge, living room, dining room, outside terrace).

Slot burner with a trapdoor lever and baton (see pictures). The intensity of the flame can be adjusted and it can be extinguished at any time by closing the trapdoor with the baton.
Tank capacity: 1 litre.
Autonomy: approx. 4h. Consumption: 0.25 litre of bioethanol per hour.

Guarantee : 2-years guarantee

Made in Italy



Eco + point

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