It is very important to read and follow these guidelines before using a burner or a Bio-fireplace on bioethanol. Like any source of flame, a bio-fireplace poses risks. Failure to observe the basic rules of security can cause severe burns and even fire.

1 - Fuel

For your comfort and safety, it is important to use only bioethanol

Heating fuel as it underwent a specific distillation, and does not smell or smoke (only water vapor and CO2). Do not use oil, gasoline, diesel, white spirit, turpentine, etc ... The release of these products may be toxic.

2 - Lighting

Bio-fireplace with cylindrical burners

- Bioethanol must be poured with caution into the burners

- Burners can be completely filled.

Bio-fireplace with slot burners

- Bioethanol must be poured with caution in the opening slot burner.

- Burners may be completely filled.

- Make sure not to spill bioethanol outside the slot burner

The ignition must be done with a specific lighter (long size) or a long match. With a normal lighter, there is a risk of burns.

Wait until the cooling of the burner (5 minutes) before adding bioethanol and relighting the flame.

After combustion, if there is still bioethanol in the tank, please wait 5 minutes before relighting.

3 - Operation

- No Fuel may be added in the burners if the fire is still active!

- Exterior walls of Hearths heat during its operation, attention to children!

4 - Extinction

Bio-fireplace with cylindrical burners

- Turn off the flame, please use the dampers to close the opening burner.

- Never blow on the fire in order to turn it off, it would only

flames more!

Bio-fireplace with slot burners

- The Bio-fireplaces have a closing trap. To turn off the flame, please close the door using the lever of metal closure, never close the door directly with the hand, there is a risk of burn!

5 - General

- Provide extinguishing devices near the Bio-fireplaces (extinguisher).

- Respect the municipal and prefectural regarding fires. It is

forbidden to fire near coniferous trees and more generally in the forest during the summer.

- If injured by burn, call the nearest hospital. Do no put body fat on the burn. If it is superficial and not extended, you can proceed with cooling the burn with fresh water for several minutes.

Consult a doctor at the slightest doubt about the seriousness of a burn.

- Do not use bio-fireplace in a room under 15 m2 without exterior openings or ventilation. Use Bio-fireplace only in places adequately ventilated. People with respiratory problems should consult a doctor before use.

- Do not use Bio-fireplaces near flammable objects: curtains, tissues, flammable furniture, etc ...

- Do not store bioethanol near the Bio-fireplace.

- Never remove the fuel in the water or in nature.

Failure to observe these regulations may result in severe burns as well as risk of fire.